Triple ‘e’ Recycling Ltd. can reduce the total cost of technology ownership by managing and accounting for aged electronic equipment.

We process unwanted Computers, Telecoms, including Mobile Phones & Batteries, and other Electronic Equipment, Production Scrap and Surplus Components. We achieve the highest possible value for retired assets, prevent exposure of confidential data, minimize waste through refurbishing and reuse, and limit liability through efficient, responsible recycling.

Reasons why companies choose Triple ‘e’ Recycling Ltd:

  • Single Source Provider– Direct facilitation of collection, inventorying, information deletion, remarketing and disposal.
  • Accountability & Accuracy– We assume all liabilities for handling and disposal of sensitive data and electronic waste.
  • Professional Service– Providing complete solutions for the corporate/government sectors.
  • Maximum Return on Remarketing– Offering competitive prices for dated, but desirable technology products.
  • Secure & Monitored Processes– Utilizing the best products and techniques for assuring complete data erasure.
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